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                                         GemiciSea Human Resources, the main body of World Tourism; Hotels on the Land, Luxury Ships on the Sea
    Our mission operating in the main power is “The principle of being at the top and staying at the top”. The continuous, accessible and      understandable human-oriented work is STANDARD Quality.

You, our esteemed candidates and business partners; We believe that all of you deserve a good and quality service.

    GemiciSea Human Resources , All your dreams of a quality business environment will come true in your Hotel sector and Ship operations.
Our activities focused on Human Resources Power, based on more than 16 years of experience, to our Hotel partners in Kara; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan…we provide the country's human resources.

 To Our Luxury Cruise Ships Partners in the Sea; We provide Human Resources from Turkey and European countries.
We are ready to share all the knowledge we have and to provide the best service in all our activities, and thus we are on our way to be an unrivaled leader in all the countries we work.

    GemiciSea Human Resources has been working with well-known and well-known businesses in many countries for 16 years, in every sector where it recruits workers. Provides job offers and job placements for Hotel businesses in Land and Cruise Ships on the Sea.

  GemiciSea Human Resources presents the Future to You quickly and safely.
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We Love Our Partners
   As GemiciSea Human Resources; We employ domestic and foreign workforce on Luxury Cruise Ships in America / Europe.
   We bring together our Business Partnership with Luxury Cruise Ship Companies and the STANDARD of Domestic / Foreign Manpower.

STARBOARD Cruise Company Works with the Best; Luxury Stores on 90 Cruise Ships of 10 Cruise Ship Companies.
As Gemicisea Human Resources, We provide Store employees to STARBOARD Cruise Service.

APOLLO GROUP, Half a Century of EXCELLENCE and INNOVATION ; The Apollo Group is an award-winning, full-service hospitality management company headquartered in Miami, Florida. Apollo has been a top employer and leader in supply chain and logistics in South Florida for 50 years.
As Gemicisea Human Resources, We provide employees to all departments of the hotel department for APOLLO Group.
Food and Beverage (Waiters, Bartenders, Cooks..), Front Desk, Housekeeper and more....... and Managers

      Founded in 1958, Starboard Cruise Services ; has been the pioneer of the ship industry. Since 2000, Starboard CS has been part
of LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton, Inc., the world's leading luxury brand group.

     We operate on more than 90 Cruise Ships of 10 Cruise Ship Companies Worldwide. We employ more than 1600 people on our ships.
 ·         We reach our guests with the World's Leading Brands.        ·         Reaching Personnel for the World's Leading Cruise Ships.

In 2019, The Apollo Group celebrated its 50th anniversary of reimagining logistics on the high seas.
Our trusted partners have given us the opportunity to become leaders in delivering extraordinary cruise experiences
by providing a host of services that deliver highest quality at maximum value.
Since 1969, Apollo is proud to have served over five million passengers, more than 10 million meals.
GemiciSea Human Resources; together with Starboard CS & Apollo Group,
it makes the professional-young workforce in TURKEY a part of Luxury Cruise Ships.

With the additional experiences of our Quality and Professional PEOPLE WORKFORCE in Tourism in America and Europe,
unique gains are made in the WIN WIN understanding.

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