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      Who Is Starboard?
      We’re the people that create memorable vacation retail experiences. As the world’s leading luxury vacation retailer at sea, we enhance the shopping experience through a range of special offerings – from “first at sea” brands to customized cruise line brand mementos; from destination-inspired artisanal goods and sustainably sourced products to industry-first digital encounters; with experiences that become favorite moments our guests relive again and again once back home.       

Our story begins over 60 years ago,
when commercial pilot A.E. Merhige discovered duty-free shopping on his European travels.
He envisioned introducing this retail concept in the United States.
His dream became reality in 1958, when Starboard entered the industry with the first travel duty-free shopping experience at Miami International Airport.

In 2000, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton company added us to their family. Today, we’re recognized as one of the 75 exceptional Maisons in the group’s world-class brands and we are known as the preferred partner for luxury retail at sea. We’re reinforced by our relationship with Onboard Media, our sister company. This powerful combination gives us an innovative multimedia suite of services and access to print, video and digital content that constantly transforms the retail and hospitality markets.

                            Founded in 1958, Starboard Cruise Services ; has been the pioneer of the ship industry. Since 2000, Starboard CS has been part of LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton, Inc., the world's leading luxury brand group.
    We operate on more than 99 Cruise Ships of 10 Cruise Ship Companies Worldwide. We employ more than 1600 people on our ships.
  • We reach our guests with the World's Leading Brands.
  • Reaching Personnel for the World's Leading Cruise Ships.
  Collaboration between GemiciSea Consulting & Starboard CS; TÜRKİYE and Other Countries are making Human Labor a part of Luxury Cruise Ships.
  With the additional experiences of our Quality and Professional PEOPLE WORKFORCE in Tourism in America and Europe, unique gains are made in the WIN WIN understanding.

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