Starboard Interview Process - Gemicisea Human Resources

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BEFORE THE INTERVIEW, Our Candidates Should Have The Following Qualifications.

  • Must be 20-35 years old, 45 age limit for the manager.
  • Be able to speak English. Second language advantage.
  • Having 1 year of professional experience.
  • Being healthy and having at least 2 doses of Vaccine.
  • Having a Criminal Background Check (clean) registry.
  • Being Dynamic, Positive, Enthusiastic and Smiling.
  • To be able to keep up with the intense working tempo.
  • Tatto happens on the covered part of the body - not on the face.
  • Getting a Visa , Passport and STCW should not be a problem.
  • Since the interview will be with the Zoom program,must be using it.

Send your CV in English to WhatsApp +90(551) 554 77 72    or              English CV with Height Photo

INVITATION TO INTERVIEW a STARBOARD CS representative will send an Invitation to your e-mail. check e-mail (even Spam)Confirm the invitation - send the screenshot to WhatsApp +90(551) 554 77 72.

DURING THE INTERVIEW, be READY in a QUIET environment 10 minutes before the Interview with the Company representative. Pay attention that the video and audio of the ZOOM Program are turned on.

  • During the interview, do not hesitate to ask ALL QUESTIONS about the JOB you want to know.
  • A well-groomed face, shirt-tie …. Your positive and smiling face will be effective.

These Three Links Must Be Followed. It provides information about Starboard Cruise Service.Very İmportent.

  • Requesting the official's social networks, phone........... Talking about religion or politics is not ETHICAL.Subsequent e-mails. It is the reason for ELIMINATION by our Agent and Partner.
  • Your conversations with the authorized person are recorded and sent to our Company as a report. Your information.

Note; Updating information; It belongs to the companies themselves, provided that their rights are reserved.
Dear Candidate,
When your interview is SUCCESSFUL,Prepare documents quickly.
    Our Business Partner Starboard CS (Cruise Services) will make the plans for your Contracts.
    You can be sure that we will forward the incoming information / documents to you as soon as possible.

1. Copy of your Passport valid for at least 2 Years.
2. Your Criminal Record. ( English-Turkish from e-gov)
3.Covid Vaccine Card, at least 2 doses of consumables. (e-gov)
4.Your CV and Testimonials.
5.Full Home address and Airport to which you will fly.
6.a.Acknowledgment of Compensation  b.Employment Applctn
  6.a- Basic Salary (+ commission + Bonus) Monthly Salary details.
  6.b- Details of your job application information.
   Print out the two attached documents - fill them in - You sign and send them to us with a high quality scan.
  First of all, prepare the yellow marked (1-6) and send it quickly.
  After that, it will proceed step by step.

7. STCW Certificates (online Certificate or Full Certificate) will be announced. If your STCW document is missing, you should complete it, if not, you should get it.
8. For Schengen-D or C1D Visa, Starboard CS will send Your Business Letter to our Letter of Employment (LOE) Agency. With LOE, which is the basis for obtaining visas; You will apply and receive a visa (C1D or Schengen-D). You will get the visa fee back by giving the document when you get on the ship.

9. Medical Report, We will send the addresses and health report documents of the health institutions addressed and authorized by our business partner Starboard CS by country. Your health examinations are within 1-2 business days. We will share the timing with you.
    Expenses will be covered by you. If your medical report indicates that you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, or if any case is found to be positive, our future employment will be rejected. Negative findings in examinations are very important for you to work on board. All tests are carried out according to the Cruise Ship rules and if you fail the medical examinations, the medical examination expense will be at your expense, along with your previous expenses and your visa will be cancelled.

10. Flight Ticket; First departure Air ticket will be paid by you. Your return and all subsequent departures will be covered by Starboard CS.
    Afterwards, we will invite you to our office, our Agent will assist you in finding the most suitable flight ticket and will provide you with information about your flight details or what you need to know in your onboarding process, along with all the other steps you will need on the way to the ship such as uniform, baggage limit, how to check in to hotels and hotel details. will inform you. You will be given documents to sign that you confirm that you accept and abide by the rules and conditions on board.
On the way to the ship; Your Original Medical Report and Original STCW document, (all your documents) Must be.
    Your departure will be arranged after purchasing your flight ticket. You will receive detailed information about where you will land, who will meet you at the airport and where you will stay free of charge. The day after one night, you will be transported to the port where the ship docked.
    Your contract can vary f 6 to 9 months depending on the ship from which you are taken. During your contract, you will have all the rights that employees of the cruise ship company have.
    The company will provide your health and accident insurance for the period you are on board.
    You will be accommodated in crew cabins (2-4 people) on the ships. Weekly working time is 48 hours.You can also take advantage of all the services offered for the crew. (fitness centre, swimming pool…) you can spend your free time outside the ship visiting the best ports and places your ship will visit.

    Important ; Violation of Company rules or if you receive 3 Written Warnings from your Supervisor You will be Terminated and Sent Back to Your Country.
    Our Professional Team; It will Guide You throughout this process by providing Full information for the continuity of your Business on the Ship. This is the Most Important Part of Our Business and we do it with pleasure.
    After a successful contract, you should contact the Cruise Ship Company individually for all information regarding your second contract.
    GemiciSea Human Resources has no obligation to mediate on your behalf in your Second and subsequent Contracts. However, we can only assist You in this process at Your request.

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