Life On the Cruise ShipS - Gemicisea Human Resources

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    Open your eyes to world exploration and travel. Become a citizen of the world and quench your thirst for adventure. If you have adopted the principle of hard work and discipline, we will be very happy to work for you.
    Working on a ship is an experience in itself, and there are many more reasons to embark on this adventure:
·         A chance to see exotic corners of the world : Alaska, Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, Europe, Indonesia and many more destinations in a luxurious setting. This is truly an unmissable privilege.
·         Chance to accumulate your winnings: Fixed Fee + Commission on Sales + Bonus +( Tip!) You will earn between $1,300 – $5,000 +Plus  per month (depending on your Job position). Since your food/beverage and accommodation expenses are covered by the ship, you will be able to easily save your earnings.
·         Food & Beverage & Accommodation: Free on board.
·         A chance to develop your skills and be promoted: Working on the Ship requires a lot of hard work, but it is definitely rewarding. You also get the chance to learn new things and improve your skills by communicating directly with all ship employees and guest passengers.
·         Chance to access cultural richness: Being in the same environment with employees and guest passengers from all over the world will give you the chance to expand your horizons and get to know new cultures.
·         Free health examination: Health is very important in ship labor. All personnel working on board can be examined free of charge by the ship's doctors and nurses.
·         A long vacation period: In real life, a 6-week vacation is far from a dream. However, your time off on board will more than provide you with the rest you need.
·         On board, there is a fitness room where you can spend your free time, a bar for staff and other recreational activities.
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